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Battlement Platform                                

The Battlement Platform is the core product of the Modular Battlement System. Two men can emplace it in under two minutes once assembled on any wall of any height or thickness.

Platform Strength

Each platform is rated for a maximum load of 600 lbs (tested to 2,400 lbs), which allows for 300 lbs for each of two defenders. This weight was determined by an above average weight soldier of 225 lbs with 75lbs of equipment (data form the US Army anthropomorphic data). As per the OSHA Safety Standard 1910.28(a)(4) requirements, we test the platforms to four (4) times the maximum load (600 lbs) for a total of 2,400 lbs. The strength of the platform is critical to the safety of the defenders and thus our number one concern.


Safety Guardrail

Each platform comes with a standard guardrail that meets OSHA Safety Standard 1910.28(d)(7) and has enough rail for the circumference of the platform in singular use. When platforms are used in conjunction with one another the excess railings can easily be removed.


Deck Height

The deck of the platform sits 58" below top of the wall. This dimension is critical in optimizing the balance between cover, observation and defense abilities. We analyzed the average height and the minimum height of soldiers in the US Army using available anthropomorphic data. When choosing the height we considered what it would take for a defender to observe, take cover or shoot over the wall. Taking cover was the easiest consideration to account for since anyone can reduce their vertical silhouette to below 58" regardless of height. Observing and shooting over the wall requires that the eyes and shoulder remain above the wall and shorter defenders may struggle with the 58" dimension. To solve this, we have created a step that will give defenders the option of stepping up 7" solving any problems defenders may have while maximizing the cover offered by the wall.


Deck Dimensions

The platform is designed to allow a maximum of two men to defend from each platform. The deck dimensions are 48" wide by 30" deep, which limits the number of defenders so they do not unintentionally overload the system. The dimension is enough for defenders to pass one another in transition, but keeps the load as close to the wall as possible maximizing the strength of the system. This dimension also allows defenders enough room to provide first aid to a prostrate defender in the case of an injury.


Deck Composition

The deck is made from a fiberglass reinforced plastic grating that provides bi-directional strength, is lightweight, slip resistant, impact resistant, corrosion resistant and low maintenance. The grating allows rain, snow, sleet, ice, dirt, and dust to fall through the grate minimizing slip hazards. The uniformity of the grate squares facilitate the modular approach to the system and allow for unlimited mounting options of accessories.


Shipping / Storage Size

The Battlement Platform was designed to fold flat when not in use in order to aid in shipping and storage. To make this platform truly expeditionary it must be able to be deployed quickly in large numbers anywhere around the world. To facilitate the use as a supplemental defensive position in low/no profile facilities or safe houses the platform must be able to fold flat so a number of platforms can be stacked in reserve without taking up too much room. The entire package folds to less than 6" tall allowing a number of platforms to easily be stacked only taking up a 48" x 30" footprint.


Hook Adjustability

To allow the system to attach to any wall thickness we have created two distinct hooks. One hook is for use with solid walls such as cinder block or concrete and one is for use with loose fill structures, such as HESCO, and expedient walls. The solid wall hook ranges from 8" (cinder block) to 18" thick and the loose fill structure hook from 24" - 60" thick. The gap range from 18" - 24", although we have not found any walls in this range, can be filled with an adapter for the solid wall hook.


The operation of the hooks is intuitive to use with major 1" adjustments and minor adjustments from a screw in hook. Once the dimension is generally set for the wall then a simple toggle handle is pulled to secure the system to the wall. The hooks have carbide tips to grip the top and outside of the wall further securing the connection to the wall regardless of the wall make up.


Hook Profile

The hooks have a low profile at the top of the wall so they do not hinder the swing of a defenders rifle or observation view. The tips of the hook on the outside are minimized in size and colored to match a common concrete hue to reduce the outward signature of the system. The hook tips can be further camouflaged on site to reduce the signature completely.

Price (either Hook Option)
Single Battlement Platform             MSRP $3,500
2 Pack Battlement Platforms           MSRP $7,000
4 Pack Battlement Platforms           MSRP $14,000
6 Pack Battlement Platforms           MSRP $21,000

U.S. Patent #10,180,006

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