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U.S. and International Patents Pending

Security Post

The Security Post is modular and can be emplaced on any Battlement Platform by two defenders in a few minutes. The Security Post provides shelter from the elements and the panels can be upgraded to provide ballistic protection. Each Post comes with a custom built Sniper Screen that masks the exact location of any defenders within the post. Other accessories such as, storage bins, stools and modular pouches can be positioned at the Security Post in order to facilitate security procedures and consolidate and protect necessary equipment.



Linear Posts

The modularity of the Security Post allows the user to determine how long each post needs to be. For example, if ten Security Posts are emplaced together at the corner of a facility there would be 20' in either direction that have cover and concealment while still allowing for linear movement.



Random Anti-terrorism Measures (RAM)

The modularity and ease of emplacement means the defenders can use truly random measures by moving the location of a post at any time they deem necessary or simply to change their pattern to an enemy who is observing their tactics, techniques and procedures.



Ballistic Panels

The standard panels that come with each Post do not have any ballistic properties and are for environmental and concealment purposes only. These panels can be upgraded to provide ballistic protection from fragments. The ballistic properties can be customized per the customer’s needs and budgetary constraints.

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