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U.S. Patent #10,180,006

Modular Battlement System

The Modular Battlement System (MBS) is the ultimate perimeter security upgrade for any high-threat installation. The MBS is a comprehensive perimeter security solution that not only improves physical security through increased defensive positions and mobility, but it dramatically reduces costs, logistical needs and time to emplace. The core of the MBS is the Battlement Platform, which is a lightweight man portable and modular platform that attaches to any existing perimeter wall creating a two man defensive position. The platforms can be linked together to offer a “castle wall like effect” on the perimeter wall. Thus creating linear defensive positions of any length up to a full Battlement around the entire perimeter of the base. Another core component to the system is the Security Post that provides overhead cover protection from the elements and observation. The Security Post is designed to accept armor paneling to match the ballistic threat in the environment. The Security Post is fully modular and can be set up at any location within the Battlement System. The MBS has been designed from the ground up so two soldiers can emplace each component within a few minutes without the need of special tools or heavy equipment. The MBS folds down for ease in shipping making it not only highly deployable, but it can easily be redeployed if the threat changes or if the base location is changed.


Maximizing the Utility of the Perimeter Wall

The MBS is the most flexible and adaptable defensive structure available on the market today and will likely change the way we think about perimeter security in future operations. A normal perimeter wall restricts the defenders ability to anticipate and defend against attack to fixed locations that are known by the enemy. The MBS gives defenders the ability to Observe or defend from anywhere along the perimeter wall at any time. The MBS makes maximum possible utility out of the existing wall, eliminating the negative aspects of having a wall and providing exponential increase in the ability to anticipate and respond to threats.


Flexible, User Defined Solutions

Designed from the ground up as a modular system where the base units (platforms) can be used by themselves or in conjunction with one another. Accessory units that are more purpose built attach in various ways to the base unit offering unlimited configuration options. The final configuration will be determined by the actual users on the ground and can easily be changed should the conditions change. This gives the ultimate in flexibility that is end user defined.


Cost Savings

The cost of a single 'Fixed Tower' position can range up to $120,000. A Linear Position that is 32' long built out of Battlement Platforms will be 1/10th of the cost.


The Modular Battlement System not only provides direct procurement dollar savings, but the system can be redeployed infinitely, thus reducing the cost of not only a singular tower but also many. There are unseen costs in logistics and engineer support required to facilitate each tower. There is also a significant time savings -- the example of a 32' linear position can be emplaced in less than an hour when the alternative can take months.


The MBS saves time, money and resources on many fronts and provides a superior defensive structure to the warfighter.


Use Cases:
Existing Facilities

Most existing facilities in high threat regions have a 'Tower and Wall' structure, which has advantages, but it does not utilize any of the advantages of the wall having ballistic and structural properties. An overwhelming majority of these bases do not have appropriate supplemental defensive positions as required in the US Army Physical Security Field Manual FM 3-19.30. The MBS can turn any wall, of any height or thickness, into an instant defensive position, which can be singular, linear or a full Battlement. The linking of platforms provides linear movement along the wall that provides maximum cover, observation and defensive abilities. This linear movement is not only critical in active defense of the facility, but it greatly increases the security posture of the facility providing truly Random Anti-Terrorism Measures. The MBS design can be used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with existing 'Tower and Wall' structures.


New Facility Design and Construction

The design of the Modular Battlement System takes into consideration its use in the design of new constriction facilities where engineers could purposefully design a specific perimeter security with the MBS in mind to fit the needs of new construction considerations. Battlement Defense has prepared a series of accessories that are not available to the public, to be utilized when the MBS is the primary perimeter structure in new facility construction. The MBS will not only provide a superior defensive structure, but it will create significant cost savings over the length of the construction and can provide instant security while the rest of the project is concluded.


Leased Properties (Diplomatic, NGO, Federal Agencies)

Many times organizations that have a permanent mission in potentially high-threat regions, but they have non-permanent facility arrangements. In these cases, it is difficult to budget for long-term security structure upgrades due to the length or insecurity of the lease. Many times security structure requests are denied due to the lease situation creating at least a temporary unsatisfactory security structure.


In this use case the MBS excels. The MBS is the only system that can quickly fill this security need, but should the lease end and a new facility be designated, the MBS can be taken to the new site without any additional cost providing significant savings for the new location. The employment of the MBS requires no construction and is not invasive to existing walls, thus the MBS can be procured under a facility budget line item or an equipment budget line item increasing budgetary flexibility during procurement.


Expeditionary and Vehicle Mobility Operations

During expeditionary operations, military units are highly mobile. However, during any mobility operation there is a need to halt mobility and create defensive perimeters. Vehicle mobility operations could easily carry a few Battlement Platforms for use in defensive positions. In recent efforts these defensive perimeters are selected from structures in the local area whether it be urban or rural. In the case of establishing a patrol base, an existing structure with perimeter walls is preferred. The Battlement Platform can establish immediate defensive positions that have appropriate cover, ability to defend and observe. This limits the units need to improvise a protective position with sandbags or local material giving them more time for other duties.


The Battlement Platform can be of great use in sustained urban operations where walls are a double-edged sword. When a wall cannot be observed over it creates a defilade area for the enemy to approach in and launch attacks from. The employment of a Battlement Platform eliminates the defilade and greatly increases security in urban operations.


Low Profile, Covert Facilities & Safe Houses

In faculties where remaining low/no profile is a major factor in the security of that facility the MBS can aid in security in two distinct ways -- either mounted or stowed. When mounted, the Battlement Platform is almost completely unnoticeable from the outside of the wall. Only the tips of the hook are exposed and they are colored to match with a concrete wall. These hook tips, if seen will appear as a normal part of the wall construction if they re seen at all.  Unsuspecting people will not be highlighted by a significant security presence but the defenders will have a great ability to defend should the situation arise.


The MBS can also be utilized at no-profile facilities in the stowed position. The platforms fold down and many of them can be stacked out of site within the facility. These platforms can be emplaced very quickly should the threat increase or the location be compromised.


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