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US Patent #10.180,006

The Battlement


The Modular Battlement System is comprised of modular components, such as the Battlement Platform and the Security Post, working together to create a user-defined configuration that is the ultimate perimeter security system. The purpose of the MBS is to provide a low-cost / high-value building block that is flexible enough to improve defensive structures in a wide variety of operational situations. The MBS offers on-demand defensive positions that users can easily adjust to establish a customized defensive posture given the factors on the ground at any specific time.


Employment of the MBS can be configured in three ways:

  1. As a single defensive position with 1-3 platforms.

  2. As a collection of 4-15 platforms creating a linear defensive position that provides lateral movement along the wall.

  3. As a full Battlement providing defenders the ability to traverse the entire perimeter while maximizing cover and the ability to observe and defend.


Use of the MBS takes three main forms:

  1. Temporary to Semi-Permanent use where the system is employed in the same location from one day to two years.

  2. Permanent Employment use where the system will be emplaced with no intention of moving the platform components.

  3. Forward Deployed and Staged use is where the system is shipped to a specific region or location but it is kept stored ready to be employed should the threat conditions demand an increase in security posture.

Benefits of the Modular Battlement System


The Ultimate Perimeter Structure for High-Threat Facilities 

The Modular Battlement System (MBS) maximizes perimeter security for high threat facilities such as, Military bases, Combat Outposts, Forward Operating Bases, Embassies, Consulates and low/no-profile safe houses. The MBS is a combination of platforms and accessories that attach to existing perimeter walls to create defensive positions where none existed. Each platform is lightweight, can withstand 2,400 lbs of static weight and can be optimally positioned to provide maximum observation ability and cover. The MBS can improve on traditional 'Tower and Wall' perimeters or it can provide a comprehensive security structure where only a wall exists today. The MBS can be used on any size facility from a large airbase to a single safe house.


We turn your Wall into a Defensive Position

Perimeter walls hinder the defenders’ ability to freely defend or observe, limiting Force Protection. The MBS maximizes the utility of the wall by taking away the limitations of the wall while retaining all of its existing benefits. Battlement Platforms can be configured as a single defensive position with 1-4 platforms, a collection of 5-15 platforms creating a linear defensive position that provides lateral movement along the wall or a full Battlement providing defenders the ability to traverse the entire perimeter while maximizing cover and the ability to observe or defend. Each of these uses can be optimized with the addition of a modular Security Post or other accessories to form the most robust perimeter security structure available today.


Significant Cost Savings

The MBS offers significant cost savings over traditional fixed positions. Fixed towers in high-threat areas are routinely quoted well over $120,000 to construct. A sufficient MBS position that would replace that tower would cost less than 1/10th the cost. The MBS is entirely man portable and thus does not need heavy equipment or complex logistical support. Two men can emplace a Battlement Platform in under two minutes minimizing time lost usually found in contracting and construction. The platforms are fully redeployable for repeated use. A new procurement is not needed when a base is moved or closed, the system will simply be redeployed like other equipment.


The Shortfall of Standard 'Tower and Wall' Perimeters

Most modern defensive perimeters are in the form of a 'Tower and Wall' system with long stretches of wall observed and defended by intermittently placed fixed towers. The 'Wall' portion of the defense limits the defenders ability to observe and respond from the ground. Defensive actions can only be taken from fixed positions, severely limiting the force protection’s ability to anticipate or defend an attack. The Battlement Platform fully utilizes the perimeter wall by creating a covered and concealed position to observe and defend from anywhere along the wall. The MBS maximizes the tactical advantage of the wall without changing any of its existing benefits. The MBS provides: infinite defensible positions; linear covered movement; direct supplemental defensive positions in the case of a wall breach; and elimination of any defilade created by the wall.


Operational Flexibility  

The MBS can attach to any wall of any height or thickness from cinder block, to solid concrete, to earth filled structures (HESCO), to field expedient walls. The flexibility of the system allows it to be used in truly expeditionary missions or as a part of a permanent perimeter security structure. The MBS can be utilized overtly at known military or diplomatic facilities such as bases, embassies or consulates. It can be used at low signature facilities that need the ability to secure their perimeter.  NGO and non-public government facilities that may face a threat can emplace an MBS at very low relative cost. They can tailor the system configuration to their needs and should they change the facility location they can take the system with them. In situations where threat conditions change rapidly the MBS can be pre-staged but not mounted on the wall. It can remain out of sight, yet it can be quickly emplaced should the threat level rapidly increase, maximizing the security profile only when needed. The ability of the MBS to 'Flex' with the threat conditions is unmatched with any other perimeter security solution.

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